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The Great Clown is a clown with big dreams. He can sing a high C and he loves Hollywood-pancakes and everything that can make sound. Especially children. Because when the children sing, occurs rhythms, sounds, magic and music. The Great Clown loves music! … As long as he can sing high.

He speaks about that the time he had to escape from India because of the horrible snake Nigri. (therefore it is forbidden to make snake sounds in his big-show show… then Nigri can come).

During the day the Great Clown is the world's largest and bravest clown. But during the night when he looks at the stars, the Great Clown feels like he is very, very little.

Music theater for children

The show “Storklovn og Sirkus Fantasi” is music theater for children who is about being big and being small. We take the children into the circus’s nostalgic world where the Eastern European circus director Sofie fights for the circus’s right to survive in a world of x-boxes and I-toads.

She is quite annoyed at Storklovn, which is a true poetry, but he also has the ability to take the audience into a magical world. Therefore, she needs him to give her circus a long-awaited upturn. We also meet the doll Lillklovn, which appears every time Storklovn feels small and alone.

In addition, we meet Storklov’s magic hat, Bløtkakeklovnen and a mysterious snake that has escaped from India. «Storklovn og Sirkus Fantasi» is a show that is built around songs written by Marius Holth, which is arranged for Janitor’s orchestra by Petter Anton Ness.

Circus Fantasy

Marius has been on the Storklovn tour in Finnmark 09 Storklovn has also appeared on numerous birthdays, kindergartens and schools. «Storklovn and Circus fantasy» were set up with three performances at the “Cultureist” Culture Festival at Nesodden.

Here Marius stood on stage with Karin Destainville Dammen and four dancers directed by Tom Collinson accompanied by musicians from Fremad Janitsjar.