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When you come to a concert with “Rambling Tree”, you are taken on a musical journey, from the mythical fog around Avalon, through Hiroshima, to the impressionistic universe of a crazy painter. You meet the lizards that control the world, a poem that rolls over the hillside, and a lonely falcon flying across the black sea. Marius uses mythical images, humor and is unconventional in his musical expression, while the music has roots in traditional musical forms.

– I want to create a musical universe that is creative, but at the same time says something basic about being human – says Marius.

Rambling Tree tells musical stories that touch and inspire. That is a sparkling musical game in the deepest seriousness.

Music with meaning

Some have called Marius for “a male version of Kate Bush” and the audience associates music to musical storytellers such as Burt Bacharach, David Bowie and Freddie Mercury. However, Rambling Tree has its very special character.

– This music is about going to our roots, going to what ties us together – says Marius. Life can confront us with very different experiences, but music can help us to go to the emotional story behind the outer events of life.

When Marius writes music, he often rant a room 418 at the Øvingshotellet at Grünerløkka in Oslo. There he can open cover and let the imagination, thoughts and tones to flow freely.

– When I write music, it’s as if there are voices from a mythological world. These are my stories, but at the same time there are reflections of something that has deeper roots – he says. – It is incredibly satisfying to be involved when the structure of the music becomes more and more visible. It’s like brushing sand of an old map.

A wandering tree

The name “Rambling Tree” also has deep roots, roots that go back long before Marius was born. When his father was 15 years old, he started a garage band playing cover songs of “The Shadows”, “Beatles” and “Paul Simon”. The band was named “Rambling Tree”.

– The name makes me think of a wandering tree – says Marius. – Such tree which can be found in Tuscany with the treetop full of sunlight and the roots full of history.

When Marius was 25 years old died his father unexpectedly in the ski slope at Høgås in Vestfold.

– In a strange way, it feels like he is still living through my music – says Marius. – Therefore it is very nice to be able to use the name that originally comes from him.

I want to create a musical universe that is creative, but at the same time says something basic about being human, says Marius.

Skilled Norwegian musicians

The music in the “Rambling Tree” is arranged for string quartets and bands of established producers such as Sverre Indris Joner, Erlend Sæverud and Petter Anthon Næss. The last one has also been the producer of Jan Werner Danielsen, Bettan and Rein Alexander. So far, two singles have been released; “Wings of Silver” 2013 in collaboration with Erlend Sæverud and Jan Erik Kongshaug in “Rainbow Studioes”. In 2016, the single “Fortuneteller”, produced by Kim Edward Bergset, who has also been the producer of Alexander Ryback, won the Melodi Grand Prix with “Fairytale”. Here you meet the singing legend Kari Iveland and Kari Gjerum on backing vocals.

– It is very inspiring to be allowed to work with such talented people – says Marius.

“Rambling Tree” has had several major concerts in the eastern Norway, played at the solidarity concert “Medmenneske 2015″ and at ” Sunnaas stiftelsen”’s big summer concert. The project has attracted some of Norway’s best musicians, pianist Trond Lindheim, guitarist Hans Mathisen and percussionist and drummer Paolo Vinaccia have helped to bulge in the roots of the migrating tree. In 2016, Marius plans to record his first solo album with this music.