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Ice planet

Radio stories about the earth’s downfall. The world is threatened by a comet of in which collision course is Earth. An astronaut is sent on a dangerous mission. He is going to land on the comet to blow it up.

But when he lands on the comet’s surface he gets into a power field where mysterious voices change his perception of who he is and what’s the actual mission.

Instead of blowing up the comet, he begins to travel into a hole. Inside the comet he meets the four elements that one after another gives him a new perspective on the human situation.

The ice planet is a 37-minute audio poem, written and directed by Marius Holth, with music by Dagfinn Rosnes and Maja Solveig Kjeldstrup Ratkje.

Marius Holth gives voice to the Astronaut, while the four elements are played by Vigdis Garbarek, Rolv Arly Lund, Nils Vogt and Maja Solveig Kjeldstrup Ratkje.

In the role of news reporters, you meet Marianne Ytre Eide Bjørnstad and Einar Lunde. Cut and sound design Marius Holth and Jan Lange, Studio RadioNova and NOTAM. The ice planet is supported by Norsk Komponistfond, Norsk Musikkfond, Norsk Filminstitutt, RadioNova and NOTAM.

The ice planet is radio theater history. The show was the first soundtrack that was purchased and broadcast on the NRK radio show, produced in its entirety outside the NRK.