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My little light

The music theater MY LITTLE LIGHT provides a humorous and warm portrait of teenage girls in a Christian youth shoes and their search for the deep meaning of life.

Lovise Angen Krogstad plays all the characters and makes a Robert Stoltenberg variant of life in a charismatic awakening environment. A fireworks of a “one woman show” that throws us in fast shifts between sulfur preachers, well-meaning pastors, hefty gospels and unsafe teenage girls.

Many can laugh recognizing themselves in the main character Fridas’s crush and dragon between the conductor of the youth choir and a “non believer” rock musician, her dreams, existential dilemmas and fear of judgment.

In “My Little Light”, apart from Christian fundamentalism, we meet an Indian “peace and love” guru and a “Freud believer” psychiatrist. Everyone is equally fanatically convinced that they only have access to the whole Truth.

The performance balances between the deeply serious, vulnerable and tragicomic. What happens to our light in the face of fanatic faith and “dark men”? What happens to vulnerable youth when they are not seen in an existential crisis? Can religious extremism be overcome?

Marius Holth is a director of this piece and is musically responsible. He sings and plays through the performance and creates a musical frame where the stage magic occurs.