Available in: Norsk bokmål English

MARIUS HOLTH is a Norwegian singer/songwriter with a dynamic voice and unique musical sensibilities. His new release, Fortuneteller, is chock full of songs with strong lyrics and melodies that go straight to the heart.

THE INSPIRATION FOR FORTUNETELLER comes from legendary ‘70s songwriters like Billy Joel, The Carpenters, and Elton John. This is a record with a personal touch. The title track, “Fortuneteller,” is written around the theme of “the one that got away.” Listeners will also recognize many iconic locales, such as Siena in Tuscany, Italy, and California’s Highway 1, elegantly depicted in Holth’s songs. In that sense, Fortuneteller contains musical storytelling that combines a personal approach with a timeless touch.

MARIUS WAS THE LEAD SINGER IN THE INTERNATIONAL SHOW BARCELONA, where he performed the songs by Queen. The show’s biggest audience was in Montreux, Switzerland, where Holth performed for about 4,000 Queen fans from all over Europe. Marius was selected as one of 13 singers to be part of the Catrine Sadolins “Elite class of Complete Vocal Technique.” He has also worked with many established producers and musicians, including Jan Erik Kongshaug, who is recognized as one of the leading sound technicians in the world.

FORTUNETELLER FEATURES SOME OF EUROPE’S FINEST MUSICAL TALENTS. Co-producer Kim Edvard Bergseth was the man behind “Fairytale,” which won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2009. Guitarist Geir Sundstoel is Norway’s most prolific studio musician, having performed on recordings by more than 260 Norwegian, Swedish, and American artists, including Jimmie Dale Gilmore. Bassist Audun Erlien has performed with artists like Herbie Hancock and Rick Danko (of The Band). Arranger Sverre Indris Joner has worked with many orchestras and artists around the world, including the BBC Symphony Orchestra and the Oslo Philharmonic. On Fortuneteller you’ll also hear FAME’s Macedonian Radio Orchestra, which has worked with artists like A-Ha and contributed to countless movie soundtracks.