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“Medusa Revolt” is a musical based on the ancient “Medusa myth”. Marius Holth has written this musical where he takes you into a mythical world where women have all the power. In a future society, the world’s women live in prosperity under the leadership of the fearful and charismatic Medusa, while men are kept alive in captivity only for the value of their sperm.

What will happen when love occurs across the two ranges? The medusa myth is derived from Greek mythology and tells about the witch Medusa and her gaze, which makes everyone who sees her in the eyes to stone. In Medusa Revolt, Marius has written sweeping great music that challenges the singers to deliver on stage. “Medusa Revolt” is a rock comedy with expressions that remind to Queen and Wicked. The musical is also inspired by Eastern European and Balkan rhythms.

The Powerful Medus

The action takes place in a post-apocalyptic society that is led by women. The charismatic and power-mad Medusa is at the forefront and controls with a hard hand. Our musical asks a question; Where goes the development of the much-discussed “Modern Woman” and the “Modern Man”?

The musical has been set up in a mini-show at Komplett Vokal Institute in Copenhagen in 2011 and was set up in a full-screen version of the former Titan Theater Academy, directed by Tom Collinson, produced by the students. The main roles were Nadja Scharning, Magnus Kayser, Silje Ingebrigtsen Tveråli and Susanne Thoresen. Director Tom Collinson Co. Director Marius Holth.

In Medusa Revolt you are taken into a mythical world where women have all the power. The men are only kept alive for the value of their sperm.