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Cirkus Cameralla – gypsy music

“Cirkus Cameralla” plays gypsy music and folk music which is inspired with Gypsy long journey through many cultures, languages and musical traditions.

– Many people are wandering through Europe today – says Marius. – It’s easy to forget that people who wander have been the musical blood vessel that creates renewal and musical inspiration.

Public in this concert get a chance to feel a little bit of the many cultural expressions the gypsy music has taken on its wild journey. “Cirkus Cameralla” is playing with virtuoso playing and foreign languages.

“The Gypsy music has a permit to be a hundred percent sad or totally wild. Man doesn’t have to keep anything back in this music.”

Nobody is untouched when they have been to a concert with “Cirkus Cameralla”. Here you got virtuoso playing and singing with power and intensity.

Passion and good chemistry

Marius Holth and Karin Destainville Dammen are known for making a passion and good chemistry. They both have long experience in interpreting gypsy music and create a unique musical expression that opens hearts and swirls emotions. It’s about primitive force, madness, longing and the dance of life.

– The Gypsy music has always fascinated me – says Marius. – For me it says something very important about basic human emotions. It takes me on travels. And it has with itself a permit to be a hundred percent sad or totally wild. Man doesn’t have to keep anything back in this music.

Musicians in Cirkus Cameralla have a long experience in this genre. Per Karang and Svein Haugen has played for has over 20 years in the gypsy music ensemble “Storm und drang”. You also meet the amazing violinist Tarjei Nysted who makes you with his play to remain speechless and Espen Leite who is known both inside and outside Norway’s borders with its virtuoso accordion.

From wild ecstasy to sore reconsideration

In this concert you can hear traditional music performed in a new way. The name “Circus Cameralla” comes from one of the songs that is about a band leader. You can also hear traditional songs in Romanes as “Jelem Jelem”, “O Postaris” and “Nane Socchas” as well as Russian and Norwegian gypsy songs.

– My favorite is the Croatian song “Lepiuro” – says Marius. – It is about the longing for your homeland, about living in exile. That theme touches us on many levels.

When you come to concert with Circus Cameralla you been dragged to a scenic fireworks where you can dance on the tables and cry in the corners.

– That music has an amazing ability to engage the audience – says Marius. – It brings you from the very sore and close to wild ecstasy. It’s very important for us that people are blown away.