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Marius is a firework on stage. He enjoys the music and it is contagious. You can meet him on stage at the concert “Rambling Tree” with his own compositions in a colorful musical universe. These are songs that touch our humanity. Marius is a singer in “Brelsk” where he performs new Norwegian reproductions of the Belgian song legend Jacques Brel. He is also one of two vocalists in “Circus Cameralla” who plays gypsy music from many languages and musical traditions.

Marius has worked with several of Norway’s most well-known producers and musicians, including Kim Bergseth, Paolo Vinaccia, Hans Matthisen and Trond Lindheim. Marius has sung in the international rock opera Barcelona, produced by Petter Anton Ness. “The Barcelona project” was set up on several major scenes in Norway and abroad and was featured in a big show on the “Freddie Mercury Memorial Day” in Montreux 2010. Marius has a passion for music and whether it’s small or big scenes he delivers presence and courage when he stands on stage.