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«Brelsk” was in possession of the ability to interpret the world famous Belgian singer Jacques Brel (1923 – 1978)… In front of the Parisian, very colorful “passion painting” we got presented Marius Holth stood and swung his musical brush. With typical brelsk expressiveness, where the extreme power goes color in color, tone in tone with the utmost sore and despair, convinced the worship teacher that he is a very harsh interpreter of Brel, that Jacques Brel shows about love, death, prostitution, sailors and bulls (!) live in the best possible way, that Marius Holth’s and John Riise’s interpretations and translations bring the spirit and the intention of the original, that the professional quartet’s new, almost pictorial events are sitting – and that this debut concert is just the start of a long journey around the country with a treasure that shows a multi-dimensional composer and singer.»

Terningkast 5, Fredrikstad Blad

Great storytelling

Marius has developed the show “Brelsk” with his own interpretations of the Belgian song legend. Translations are made by Marius Holth and John Riise and presented by band with 5 musicians. When you come to Brelsk’s concert, you will experience French feelings and great storytelling.

There are the virtuoso accordion, a crying violin, symphonic piano beat, a steady bass progress and especially a strong voice that tells Brel’s stories in Norwegian. Jacques Brel is known as one of the most important voices in modern European music culture. His songs are like betrayal, love and deceived bulls timeless and have been interpreted by many famous singers. “Seasons in the sun” is written by Jacques Brel, likewise Amsterdam, interpreted by David Bowie and “Ne me kitte pas” interpreted by among other Nina Simone.

Jacques Brel’s songs are timeless. They are about the basic human emotions, about sorrow, betrayal, passion and love. The stories can be black and raw, but never without references to Brel's big life theme, love.

Profiled in Norway

Brelsk has had around 40 concerts all over Norway at the Parkteateret scene, Oslo New Theater, Oslo Opera Festival, Horten Jazz Club, Nordic Black Theater, Fredrikstad Jazz Club. Brelsk has made several tours in Norway and has been profiled in Norwegian media; NRK P2 “In the middle of the music”, Østlandssendingen and Nitimen i NRK P1. It is now planned to record the disc in cooperation with producer Kim Edward Bergseth.

Jacques Brel was born in an upper-class family in Brussels in 1929. 23 years old, he left the father’s paper mill, wife and child, and went to Paris to try out as a singer. Brel soon became known as the foremost in his art form and filled famous scenes in Paris, where he trembled his audience. Perhaps it was the passion of his songs that made the French take them to their chest. Brel’s song universe stretches through the large register. The texts are often passionate and many times raw. For example, they are about sailors who let the piss run over their great love in the port of Amsterdam or about the aesthetic of suicide. We hear about the suggestive pulse in the big cities that Brel liked so well and about the sadness in the suburbs that he hated.